Fergus was found in September 2016, dodging traffic in a rainstorm. The vet said that Fergus had probably been living as a stray for several months, even years. He was about 12 years old when we met. This is Fergus coming home with us. 🤗
Here he is with his first foster Mom Leslie and foster brother Orvi. Leslie is the angel who saved Fergus in the rainstorm. 💕
If anyone deserved to lie in the sun, it was Fergus.
Personality plus.
We soon found out that Fergus had heartworm. He started treatment in December 2016. He was such a trooper!💪
Sometimes he was really tired.
Fergus ended 2016 warming himself by the fire. ❤️
Fergus was mostly deaf. He LOVED to lie under the piano because he could feel the vibrations. 🎹
Always kept his eye on the goings-on.
Helping with yard work!
Brothers. Cedric was a big help to Fergus, especially when they went outside after dark. Fergus was afraid to walk around much at night because he couldn’t see well enough - so he’d use Cedric as his guide. 🐶
In spring of 2017, Fergus completed his heartworm treatments! Throughout the entire process, he suffered only one seizure, and his liver & kidneys handled the meds really well. Success!! 🎉
Ready for adventure! Now, Fergus could go back to playing with his friends three days a week at the home of his human friends Lette and Jodi.
Giving back to the community and making friends.
Don’t forget your eclipse glasses!
Fergus loved his human sister. Made it to another Christmas! December 2017. 😊
Sometimes Fergus stuck his face into unusual spots. 😂
Oh, and he was an art lover!
Fergs spent lots of time lying down because his old hips hurt him.
There’s always time for brotherly love. 💕🐶😊
And his girlfriend Jennifer. 😘
The Dude.
Sometimes we wondered what Fergus was thinking ... the things he’d seen. Where did he sleep when it was cold outside? 😞 Adopt a rescue dog!
Mom making Fergus take selfies with her.
Fergus’ last Christmas in 2018. One evening he laid by the tree for hours. Waiting for Santa? Memories of Christmases Past?🎄
A winter’s nap.
Fergus really enjoyed spring of 2019. He liked hanging out by the flowers. And he turned 15!! Quite a milestone for a big old guy like Fergs.
One lovely day in April, Fergus walked outside and laid down in the grass. He stayed outside all afternoon, enjoying the mild weather and sunshine. 🌼
Always with the personality.
Fergus passed away very quickly and peacefully on April 29, 2019 after spending the day playing with his friends. No muss, no fuss. That was our Fergus. ❤️🐶😍
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